Unrecorded insurance write offs


It was recently featured on BBC Rip Off Britan and by Autoexpress. To give you a brief description of the story: 1 in 10 insurance write-offs is not recorded on HPI, Experian etc. due to faults and flaws with the current system.

BBC: https://bbc.in/2WCTKQM
Autoexpress: http://bit.ly/2LBbN99

The issue is not only related to cars and motorcycles are part of the same problem.

I will try to find motorcycle example, I thought I had one but edited it out as AutoTrader marked it wrongly as HPI Clear.


This is an example for you:


Full report: https://www.vcheck.uk/report/FY17AYC-LJD5WWU/

It had minor damage but still was classified as cat D writeoff.


What’s the solution? How to spot these 10% hidden write-offs?


I was up a 4:30 this morning with nothing better to do so I watched that.

it is a bit shocking to be honest, really blow the whole HPI check out the water.

Lets hope they pull their fingers out and sort this one out…


Tbh until MIAFTR is fixed no real solution. I don’t want to advertise my site but we have 1.6 mln records of salvage auctions from last 3 years…

I could should you thousands of cars not on HPI but still subject to damage and sold as write-offs


It’s okay, what’s the site?