Unmarked Traffic car, A3

Watch out for this one, you dont really notice it before its too late. Its a shiney black (could be navy though) BMW. Its favouite haunt at the mo seems to be A3 between Shannons and Tibbets. They must think its turkey shooting season down there, the amount of people I seen em pulling over this last fortnight.

Could be the same one mentioned here http://londonbikers.com/forums/shwmessage.aspx?ForumID=38&MessageID=166418

Watch ooot! 8o

Cheers dude…

Also they have a little hidey hole on the southbound carriageway just down from Robin Hood Roundabout. It’s the entrance to the playing feilds. At night there is sometimes a car parked up wating so watch out as it’s just at the point the road goes from 2 to 3 lanes and ups to 50mph

Yeah, sneaky that one, just before the Raynes Park turn off.

On the A3 Why have they extended the white line markings at each Gatso. Is it just to keep us legal for that tiny bit extra, or have fast, short bikes been getting past the end of the markings before the camera activates