Unlukiest biker ever

I was reading superbike magazine, and i came across this story, i found it so funny i decided to tell you lot.

“i must be the unlukiest biker in england. it all started in june last year when i bought an '05 kymco ck125. on my first trip to the petrol station, a bloke in a car pulled a swift one by paying by paying for the fuel on my pump, so the attendant charged me £40. later that day, i was approaching a sharp bend when a knob in a nova coming the other way crossed the white line and forced me to ditch the bike. i ended up with a broken wrist and a bike with a bent frame, which cost £600 to fix. once my wrist had finally healed enough to ride again, a nail punctured my rear tyre. soon after i got the bike back, i got another nail in the rear tyre, which caused me to fall off on a roundabout. at least one part has broken on every long journey. the side stand spring snapped, the rear brake failed, and im on my fourth speedo. someone in a lada ran into the back of me, and most recently, some twat in a mondeo pulled across and knocked me off on a roundabout. i was knocked out and the driver sped off. the police later found out that he was not insured, so back to the garage for me and another £300 repair bill, ive just found a crack int the frame and the headlight has blown, see unlucky!”

ryan abrahams, kettering

should have bought a honda! beep beep!!


Damn, he should have stayed indoors.

This is probably a better vehicle for the writer:


What? It’s got brakes (or in his case, should that be ‘breaks’?)

If he comes on this forum his handle has got to be “Jonah”

BTW I can’t beleive that he coughed up £40 at a petrol station !!!

Someone tried that on me once - the attendant said that she “had to put it trogh as once it was in the system it couldn’t be deleted” and offerd to send a refund in the post!!!

I took my card back and paid the £12 in cash and told her keep her refund

Thats rough sh1t!

should have changed his bike after the first couple of mishaps

I read this I think even this guy beats my year

hey guys the unlukiest biker eva story from the bike magazine thats me ryan .if the magazine had copy the letter properly then you would have seen that i didnt pay it all and that the lady there sorted it out.so how the **** dare you take the piss.so much for bikers stickin togevr.

Hey Ryan calm down your suppose to say ello in newbies b4 u cuss em welcome to the site m8…so ur still into bikes then

Wo Wo Wo slow down, if the newspaper didnt tell all the facts then how as readers are we supposed to know the full facts???

So is this you on the forum cos if it is I think the newbie stick is coming your way…

Hey Ryan, think you wanted the last door on the left, the ‘Bovvered’ room! Just kidding m8, welcome to LB!

Think if you take the time to get to know us, you will realise we are just laughing at the goddam awlful back luck you had, NOT actually AT you!