Unity Support Riders

IIRC, a new Charity ride was proposed in great detail late last year/early this year, and was turned down flat by Scotland yard and the local councils whose turf it would have ‘impinged upon’. Those proposing it were threatened with an ABSO and a GBP20,000 fine if they went ahead without permission.

Any mass ride had to have been one that was an ‘accustomed event’ and the Police presence was to be paid for - some large amount per Police officer per so-many riders - who all had to have registered beforehand. This spelled the death-knell of most London based mass rides, such as the Christmas Toy run etc. Some of us were aware of the writing on the wall after the 2006 Killspils run, which resulted in injuries and law-suits against some Police personnel. A sea-change had to happen somehow to enable these sorts of events to continue.

Luckily STEM picked up the baton, and having consulted those who know about the machinations of these things, used his previous ‘Unity Ride’ as the ‘accustomed event’, obtained Police approval for training of Police accredited ‘marshalls’ (but that word must never be used in public) and managed to get this event off the ground.

Those of you who have carped about the ‘original ethics’ have perhaps missed the point/threat that existed prior to this ride, now acclaimed as very successful according to Scotland Yard and other interested parties.

So again I say thank-you to the bleaters and nay-sayers who kept the numbers down on what looked as though it would be a bleak and dismal day, and allowed those of us who care about the public perception of biking to enjoy an experience that went without any major hitch, and has also taught us some lessons for future inner-city rides.

446 (that’s what I heard, may be 465 with Police counted as well) riders had a great time, no cagers or pedestrians were hugely inconvenienced, flowers were laid with respect at the Memorial Gardens, and many of those participating saw some London sights for the first time without the hassle of normal London traffic conditions.

I do hope the blinkered bleeding hearts here are as negative next time, your input was very valuable, really.

Hi Jim, thanks for taking the time to explain the situation… Im just really curious about Katanas comments…Glad you felt it was a positive event… Hope the organisers can do it all again next year… What do you think would have happend if the weather was kinder… Would 4000ish riders have been too much to organise…? I couldnt come because of the weather…and my 2 friends who were going to come with me didnt want to go without me…Do you know how many entry tickets were distributed out this year…? Hope the charities appreciated all the effort…


Katana seems to have been on a religious mission. No comment.

If the weather had been kinder (in the forecasts at least) perhaps there would have been twice as many riders.

I was prepared to park up 5,000 at Excel including obtaining Fire brigade presence, but if 5,000 had taken part I don’t think there would have been as many positive comments, and I’m sure some cagers, pedestrians and shop-keepers would have complained. That’s with what we had organised for this year - by next year - and Unity 2008 looks very likely to happen - the lessons from this year will have been taken on board and one continous crocodile of bikes might sensibly be broken up into two, three, or more sections for parts of the ride.

AFAIK about 300 pre-registered, some of whom didn’t turn up, but were more than compensated for by riders who did it on impulse, and why not.

I’ve noted the ‘not getting the point’ from Katana, Kyot and others, and wonder what planet they’re on. <sigh>

Well, hopefully it will grow into something not to be ignored…

Heres to the future…

Exactly. We all want to preserve what we have, and to build upon it if possible. A natural attitude to most things in life.

nicely said Jim

Well nice to see its my religious zeal, jim. How about the fact that many people originally involved didn’t want to be involved with this? The idea of registration that people hated, same as kill spills. No real direction of the ethos of the ride? Shall I even continue?

Once again I point you to the thread on visordown, Do you want a link? In the thread, which you clearly are not either able to read properly and comprehend, states why people are upset by it. If you need help feel free to contact Tequila pixie and I’m sure she’ll be more patient with you than I am. Oh and that is uncle sols wife, by the way.

Uncle Sol muttered something about the air being blue at home…

I’m left wondering what you would have been done to establish the ride, bearing in mind the new conditions being laid down by Scotland Yard, TfL and the local councils, and their ideas for banning all rides. Perhaps just not held the ride at all?

All I can say for the time being is watch this space. Oh I did give my advice to some people and those ears were firmly closed.

Lets see if we do live in a democracy.

It sounds like the sort of thing we should thrash out over a few, if not many, beers.

You could have asked! Maybe you did miss the point?

In fact we did ‘discuss’ this, fact to face, at the Ace one evening. And even then, I don’t remember you being all that interested in hearing negative comments or listening to concerns.

ummm, let me see… how about… ohhh… maybe; held the ride, but called it something other than the Unity Ride… as was suggested frequently?
… because they needed an ‘accustomed event’… Toy Run?
And anyway, non of this touches the real political issues - the right to protest.