Unity Support Riders

There is a post in the ride outs and meets section about a charity ride happening in August (link below). There will be police marshalls but they need to backed up by riders who have received extra training and have been approved by the police. These people will be known as USR’s (Unity Support Riders)

In order to become a USR, you need to do the following:

  1. Complete a day of slow speed riding skills. This is being provided free of charge by an instructor based in Crawley.

  2. Complete a FBOS (First Biker On Scene) first aid course. This has to be paid for and will cost about £35.

  3. Assessment by the Police. This will cost a maximum of £30.

Dates for all of these will be confrimed shorty, I believe the date of the police assessment will be 1st July.

I for one am going to put myself forward for this as I think it will really help to improve my riding skills. If anybody else wants to do this, please register your interest on the Unity website. If you have any questions, please post them up here or mp me.

http://www.unity2.unityride.co.uk/ go to the forums and register. From there you will be able to contact grandma or OMD and get added to a distribution list

Here’s the information about the ride. http://londonbikers.com/forums/shwmessage.aspx?ForumID=52&MessageID=218987

That sounds great, Think ill still have my cast on tho.

Will there be other assessment day dates?

Possibly, not known yet, but don’t expect one.

In any event, there will be a requirement for lots of extra ‘helpers’ who will do lane marking and direction marking interpersed between the accredited USRs.

If you don’t get accredited this year, there will be opportunities later on and next year - the idea is to build a group of people who the Police can trust to help them on any group rides - and without these extra people some rides may never happen again.

So I hope folk don’t get too fussed if they don’t get their USR status straight away, there are plenty of other ways to help in the mean time.

Those who can do the assessment on July 1st (and do FBOS and machine control in time), please contact SheWoolf or me to let us know.

unfortunatley i will not be taking part in this ride, august is a busy month for me.

im already signed up to be a USR, done the FBOS course so far, very informative

Bring your documents (license and insurance) on Sunday, TPTB need to see at least 8 cleanish ones!

Get the name right at least.

Unity 2 not unity.

No, not involved and am discusted at those that are. Sub version of the reason of the original unity ride.

didn’t anybody teach you if you have nothing nice to say you shouldn’t say anything

What if you feel strongly about something?

Were you involved with the first ride? Did you understand what was the point and power of the original?

Do you think that some people might get quite unhappy about the current ride out being nothing to do with the originals?

I’d refer you back to your existing conversation on TLB. Stem is the bloke to talk to about this:


Hello Katana, I am interested in your comment about this ride not being the same as the original…could you expand on this with some detail. I am considering going with many friends but am now concerned as to what exactly is going on…

Maybe Email me…?

Many thanks…Bazza

Those who might be coming on the ride may want to see this new topic: http://londonbikers.com/forums/shwmessage.aspx?ForumID=52&MessageID=236132


That is a blinkered outlook…!!! Just because you dont think that a certain view point is ‘NICE’ it has to be covered up or ignored…?

I am very grateful to certain posters for ensuring the numbers today were not huge but manageable, and that all those who attended were no show-offs with ego but bikers who just ‘joined in’.

I’m even more glad that the training proved it’s worth and we might - might mind, have retained the probability of the Toy runs etc.

But it’s possible some still have the wrong end of the stick and won’t let go…

I think you, as a person, have completely lost the point of the word UNITY, whether it is said in the context of UNITY or UNITY 2 the principle is the same.

Togetherness…simple as that!

You missed a brilliant day.

UNITY 3, are you up for that one?

I hope you are.


ifizzy…can you explain to me what the point or goal of the first ride was and how that has changed in the Unity2…? If not will somebody expand, please…

Quoted from the Unity Ride Website


The London Unity Ride History

On 21st August 2005 we joined together as a motorcycling community, to show our respect to those who lost their lives in the London Bombings and in appreciation of the freedom we enjoy.

On August 19th 2007, the motorcycle community will undertake a major London charity event. We invite motorcyclist from all over the UK to join us in the most extensive charity motorcycle ride ever staged in the capital.

I could read that sort of stuff in a snoozepaper… (but I refuse to waste my time)…can someone put it in REAL words…what was it all about at first…what was being said …? What was motivating the first rumblings…? Why were people getting involved…what were their motives…? Come on…Im not the bloody thought police… Im intruiged by those earlier comments… Sounds like the echoes of the old differences between the old MAG and BMF…?