Unity ride.

Went on the Unity ride today, fantastic day, great weather, so many riders, great atmosphere and we took over London. Even had my LondonBikers sticker complimented on!:D:D:D… Oh, and I met Jay,Very nice fella!:smiley:

Glad you enjoyed it - great turnout.

it was a good day,

i was the unity support rider on the repsol honda blade who most likely bugged you all with my anchor-man buissness cards, ha ha, although we couldnt do the complete route intended, it was a fab day, how often do you get to ride through london running every red light ???

well done to all the riders, especially the few people still on L plates, it must be quite worrying to do this kind of ride when your still learning, everyone did great

hopefully see some of the same faces and bikes again next year

It was a very good ride. The weather was perfect no rain and not to hot! Looking forward to next year :smiley:

I would like to commend the organisers for a fabulous day out. It was my 1st time, but I’m already looking forward to the next one. Well done!!!

ps. does anyone know where I can obtain official footage or pictures? (if there is any such thing)

we took pics and video footage will get them sorted asap, just picked one random pic for now.

Jay mate when i spoke to you eariler i thought you told me foxy (Tasha)was at home in bed.

Trust you Andy!

I’m sure there will be post here of the ‘official’ pics and video, can always keep an eye on the Unity Website, links to pics have started to be posted.

Pleased the weather played ball, and that most people enjoyed themselves. Came across the odd irate member of the public, but most were pretty good about the disruption.

I never thought the stream of bikes was going to stop when I was holding my first junction.
A big thank you to all the riders who came along, and for the way you rode, made the USR’s job easier. I’m not afraid to admit that I’m mentally exhausted though.

Not least of all thanks to the organisers for the months of preparation - Well done.


opps wrong one

talking about jay where was he i didnt see him after we left the car park.

fantastic time!! completly forgot to take pictures!!!:P:D

silly billy!!

Here’s our ~240 photos, sans comments for now:

wicked pics, i have just had a quick look at them.

Great ride and good to see so many bikes there. Was riding with the SERV guys up front and it was incredible when we stopped just along the Thames to watch a mile or so of bikes just keep coming. Took a few pics and will post them later.

Very good turn out indeed

More pics

what happened there?

It is why typwriters have a carriage return! :slight_smile:

Ginger - Cheeky bugger. Becareful, Foxy can be quite sharp with her claws :slight_smile:

Andy, we couldn’t do the ride as we had things setup at the start so had to close it down and then get back to process the photos and watch MotoGP!

Next year we’ll have a much bigger involvement in the Unity Ride.