Union Jack - bad tatts

Looking at some tattoo designs, I was disgusted how many pictures are posted online of people with incorrectly drawn union flag tatts. Surely if you’re going to show your patriotism, you’d at least make the effort to ensure your country’s flag was drawn the right way round.Tatt

What you going for?

i bet alot of people dont even know what you mean, must be distressing .

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Looks upside up to me!

Flag is secured on the right with the left side blowing in the breeze, maybe a pole on the tattoo would clarify.

Maybe it’s intentional so that it looks correct in the mirror :smiley:

Was thinking of something along the lines of the Aussie Southern Cross, incorporating a small Union Jack somewhere, but looking at some of the Union Jack tatts on the internet, I’m not sure I’d want to risk ending up with something that looks like a 5 yr old child’s interpretation of it. Even worse, these people have handed over money for it, LOL!!!..

I think because the flag has so many distinctive lines and angles it doesn’t transfer well and just looks like a child’s drawing. Simpler tri colour flags are probably much easier to tattoo. Stacey who used to be on here probably has a more informed opinion.

It’s all about finding the right artist for the work. Most of those with the Union Jack just go to the closest tattooist and aren’t into the art.

One of mine https://www.instagram.com/p/BhghU92gk9r/