Undercutting gears ?

After 2 years of riding around without a second gear I have finally split my engine and taken out the offending 2nd and 5th gear cogs on my zephyr ,

I would like to replace with new but cannot find any , so…does anyone know of a machine shop that has the ability to undercut the dogs where they have rounded off ? . ’ dove-tailing ’ slightly is a fix I have heard will work…but cannot at the moment find anyone to do it .

Hmmm all I can suggest is try old school engineering firms … local to me is taylor’s in bedfont … no idea if they can but use them for chipper flywheel shaft rebuilds etc and other heavy scale engineering… or try asking at the local model railway club … the large scale outdoors ones as most make their own engines and have a good old school approach and a garage full of the neccesary tools

You could try Burton Engineering near Newbury Park. 0208 554 0920