Um.. Hi...

'Nother newbie 'fessing up after lurking for a while…

Don’t live in London any more, used to live in Newbury Park many years ago, but have been riding in to Canary Wharf every day since last August, when I got my full bike license. It’s 70 (motorway) miles each way, so my wheels are pretty square.

Had a 2008 ER6-F for about five weeks (followed by six weeks of being back on the trains thanks to a chunk of wood on the N. Circular) and ride a 2007 Bandit 650 now.

Will see if I can find a pic of me or the bike and stick them somewhere. (Edit: Stupid firewall. Will try again tonight.)

Edit 2: Newbie question: Which of this forum’s categories of bikes does the 650 Bandit fall into?



Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

70 miles each way! Now thats commitment! Enjoy the forum.

I might be mistaken but i think the Bandits live in ‘Fighters corner’

Sure somebody will be along to correct me in a minute


Welcome… :slight_smile:

Any relation to Aristotle? :smiley:

hi & welcome :slight_smile:

I ride a 4-year-old Bandit 650, not a gold-plated hayabusa.


Hi and welcome

Hi Welcome

Welcome to LB mate:)