Ultimate SOUND EAR

I thought to myself £270.00 for a pair of in ear speakers / ear plugs is a bit rich…
Bennetts were doing a 20% discount yet really spendy - They sound to good to be true?

Was at the bike show and there was a deal and got a pair ordered for £200
They have arrived, charged them up and went for a ride today.

Now there are a couple point that I have to say about these.
My bike is a lot faster now than when I am not earring the sound ear, throttle much more responsive - I wonder why that is?
However the sound ears just cut out so much wind noise and playing music is Brilliant up to 80mph - I didn’t go any faster sorry…
The maps app gave super clear instruction even on the motorway.

So If like me you doubted them I can tell you the BEST piece of kit I have bought since pandemic



Mine are coming soon although I’ve had some before. Did you get the bluetooth option?

A M A Z I N G !

absolutely superb

I got some from CFG last year, great investment. Didn’t go for the bluetooth ones as I don’t trust myself to have them charged up when I want to use them.

What make are these.? Sound cancelling tech I take it? Bose? Might invest… send details :+1::sunglasses::motorcycle:

They are Ultimate Ear.

Here’s the Motorcycling page https://ultimateear.com/product-category/motorcycle-ear-plugs/

Nice. @kylejm and I have headphones by these guys as well. Top quality stuff.

Wish I had gone for the Bluetooth version now. Might enquire if I can get mine changed over.

I use mine with a Fiio. I wanted the flexibility to be able to charge them while using them which you can do with a Fiio. I didn’t want to run the risk of forgetting to charge them then not being able to use them when I wanted to head out.


Hrm, interesting. Might have to look for a BT5 version. Thanks.

Yes give it a shot. I’ve got the cheapest one and it works really well. The sound quality and battery life are excellent.