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One of my customers recently pointed me in the direction of this website , while testing his bike for ULEZ and in conversation , he pointed out that most people do not know there is another ULEZ testing station open ( as well as Riverbank ). He uses this forum and suggested I join and post here about what we do.

We are fully authorised by TFL and our results are updated daily , so bikes that are ULEZ compliant are charge exempt within 24 hours.

We are a totally independent company , with no links to Riverbank , other than we are both authorised by TFL .

This post is purely to let people know that there are options out there.

ULEZ testing is just giving bikers another option to how they can become charge exempt , we recommend that all of our customers check first on the TFL site to make sure that they require a test , many bikes are now in circulation that although pre 2007 , have been tested already and are already on the TFL system as exempt.

There is also the certificate of conformity from the manufacture for later years ( please check with them if you have to pay that the CoC does display a NOx reading of lower than 0.15 g/km

Bikes older than 2007 were not tested to Euro3 standards when they were homologated for sale into the UK , very simply we give these pre 2007 bikes the Euro3 test , if the bike has the required emissions to pass the test , then it is classed as ULEZ exempt.

This is not a political post , we have no views on what you think of the Mayor of London , This is simply a post to let people know we are here and they have another option.


Interesting. Can cars be tested the same way? Would love to get a small runaround from the late 90’s or early 2000’s but feel the fun being sucked out of London life.

Hello , I did talk to TFL about this recently , cars are not tested to Euro3 , Cars are tested to Euro4 and Euro6 , It seems that to get a car that has high emissions to a pass requirement is a lot harder and a lot more expensive , than a motorbike to Euro3 standards.
As such , there is no company so far that has undertaken testing of cars.

Yes, would need to pass Euro 4. Thanks for answering.

BBC News - ULEZ: Ultra Low Emissions Zone to cover all of London

That’s outrageous for all the reasons previously stated. So much for the cost of living crisis. It’s a scam for money and control.

We will have to get rid of Nicole’s Nissan Juke - maybe we’ll get a sports car with a big engine or a 40 year old classic.

The real problem is TfL’s payroll, too many fat cat salaries and pensions

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And £500M in government funding per year pulled by Boris on his way out the door

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