ULEZ independant test in London

£175 just next to the olympic park, get an official check done on your bike for if it passes ulez emissions standards.

This new test centre is the only certified place to you can get your bike tested for Euro 3 (and so NOx). A large percentage of bikes can pass and the NETC team are allowed to load the pass results straight onto the TfL database saving you the trouble.
This is an independently run test and like an MOT it’s a straight pass or fail. Unfortunately, due to working with older bikes that have all been used and treated differently, TfL want bikes to be tested individually. If one Bonnie passes it doesn’t mean all do.
The test is for life and is less than 3 weeks ULEZ charge.

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£175 Vs £40 for an MOT sounds a bit steep.

I’m a bit clueless but are these tests that much more labour intensive to command such a cost?

£175 to measure the NOx level?

Talk about abuse of a monopoly position!

A lot cheaper than selling a bike and buying a newer one.

That’s not really a logic, is it…?

Things can be both cheaper than a new bike and yet be ridiculously overpriced.

Or £175 more expensive if it fails…

Came across this on another forum the other day…might be helpful to some of you guys on here


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Thanks @Jay
Yeah it has been a while :slight_smile:

It does look like Riverside are profiteering from other people’s misfortune, and that stinks.

they have overheads to pay just like any other buisness
& they have to pay TFL
Profiteering yes by TFL they are the ones having to dig themselves out of the shit that ULEZ and many of there other schemes they have going on that have made them a deficit of over £1b
if TFL was a private company they would be insolvent.

They’ve had to purchase new equipment, spend time researching & developing the test, probably paying TfL for the privilege of being able to do the test, and then the time it takes to do the test. I don’t think bikes pass emissions test on an MOT, but for a car it’s just bung in the sensor and get a reading. This bike test has to be performed 3 times.

I don’t think £175 notes is too bad in if you add all of the above up.

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