ULEZ compliant bikes - What are the options for a "new" older bike?

I appreciate similar questions have probably been asked, but searching through forums all over the internet I can’t seem to find the numbers I’m looking for.

I’m in the market for a new bike at the moment. Getting rid of my K7 SV650S as she’s now hit 71,000 miles.

I’m hoping to upgrade to a 600 supersport but realistically I won’t be able to afford anything too new so I guess I’m looking at bikes that just about scrape the ULEZ conformity levels.

I understand it’s nothing to do with the year (Unless you’re searching by reg on the TFL website which is a pile of w**k), and it’s all about NOx levels instead.

To save myself a bit of time, does anybody happen to know if the below bikes beat the charge and can be ridden in London without a fee? I’m talking as completely stock bikes. It’ll help narrow my search down a little bit without having to go and test ride an bike and ask to see the emissions levels that may or may not be on the log book before anything else.

05/06 Kawasaki ZX6R 636
06/07 Suzuki GSXR 600
06/07 Kawasaki ZX10R
06/07 Yamaha R1
06/07 Yamaha R6

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. LM

There is a guy with an old rd 350;that’s meet the requirements :+1::+1:

The 05/06 CBR600RR also meets ULEZ but you need to get the Certificate of Conformity from Honda and submit it to TFL.

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Thank you! That’s the kind of info I was hoping for.
As long as I know it’s ULEZ compliant I’ll keep it on my list of “potential bikes” and if I do buy one I’ll contact Honda for a CoC.

Thanks very much :grin: LM

Owner forums are likely to be a good place to check, as there’s a good chance someone on there has already checked it out.

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Thanks very much, I’ll have a gander :+1:t3:

My 2008 Yamaha FZ6 S2 is compliant

We should start a thread of known compliant bikes. This question will come up again and again.

It can be made a sticky.

I emailed Triumph about my 2007 Scrambler which is listed as ULEZ non compliant on the DVLA website and within a day they had informed me that they would print off a Certificate of Conformity for me that I could use to gain an exemption. Two days later it arrived, all for free, and another two days later my bike was declared ULEZ compliant, job done.


As too is my 2004 FZS1000.

But you need to give Yamaha £60 & 4 weeks to get the CoC.

My 2006 Gsxr 600 is compliant.

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Nice one, thanks guys :+1:t3:

Great news, thanks! I thought it could be. I know that the 06/07 GSXR750 is compliant so hoped the 600 would be too.

Good news. Any idea about the Daytona 675? There appears to be some reasonably priced ones of 06/07 years around at the moment.

Hubby’s 2006 636 is compliant too.
Both bikes have NOx in their log books so no need to get COC.

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Send an email to [email protected]
With your registration and bike type and they will let you know if to you ask the ULEZ question.



Thanks! I can keep this bike as an option :smiley:

I may give this a go and see what they say.

Now my only problem is most of the bikes on my list are compliant so I’ll have to go and test ride EVERYTHING! :wink:

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