ukbkings - new forum for B-King riders in the UK

There’s a new forum specifically for B-king riders in the UK. If you’re a B-King rider or wish to see what’s going on in the UK B-King community check out:-

“A discussion and news forum for Suzuki B-King riders in the UK. Regular meet ups and ride outs - everything for B-King owners this side of the pond.”

Come on Jaime and the rest of the gang :w00t:

Who are you from the .org site? Presuming you left that one recently…

If yer not good with Jaime, yer not good with us.

Just backing you up Jaime.

Seems to be a lot of other forums trying to move in on the LB database lately. :pinch:

NA. This one is ok. There has been a massive hoohaa on the King forum with a lot of uk Kingers leaving due to a new owner of the site who may have ruffled a few feathers. Over the last year or two I’ve seen a lot of forum members start a new forum. They just dwindle off after a while tbh. As much as I agree with the reasons for those leaving, I can’t be arsed to join yet another forum. Don’t have the time really :confused:

Jaime, it’s Brian aka ptolemyx. I hope I’m still okay with you :cool: and sincerely hope you can be arsed to join us on ukbkings :smooooth: If not we’ll still meet in Wales for the usual B-King weekend fun & froliczzzz…