UK KTM Forum

Anyone here on this forum ?

There are yes.

You having issues getting activated on there mate?
A lot of new members getting that happen, if so i can contact the mod there with your user name

How did you guess :smiley:

Rusty99 is the name (I know what a surprise)

They really ought to sort out the registration process as it is a complete shambles.


The admin probably broke down! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes but all his mates were there to help him :wink:

True… I’ll need some mates (with spare fuel) if the Aprilia arrives before the Wales trip! Lol :ermm:

It’s great forum, just shame it was sold to big group that doesn’t care…

Thought as much, still if I can actually get on it…


Your reputation preceeds you and you’re barrrrrd! :-p

Not me mate, I don’t have a reputation…

Oh, so that little matter of you, the ferrets and the custard filled haddock skin never happened? :-0


Got you covered. :slight_smile:

Hahahaha! WTF I do even want to know

It wasn’t haddock it was cod.

Ah, my mistake? :blush:


Yeah it’s not too bad a forum and can always find advice… haven’t been much on there since I sold the KTM but I may be making an appearance shortly :wink:

PS Sneaky, love the signature :smiley:

It’s me and the bike so had to be done, so thank you! :smiley:

You could have used a bit of rust though!

Contacted them and will be done asap mate.

Yup on now, thanks for your help :wink: