Uh-Oh... I Been Spending Money...

Oh dear…

I was bored today, so popped down the shop and spent a load of money…

Too much money…

But I love what I bought!

I bought a Hole!

It’s wicked - you put it on things and you can see through them!

I put the Hole on my fridge first, but all the cold air was escaping:

So I put the Hole on my bike, but all the blerdy petrol fell out!

Finally, I put the Hole on the cupboard - it’s brilliant - I can get things out of the cupboard without opening it:

So if you’re bored and you got the cash to spare, buy a Hole!


Where can i buy one.:smiley:

Dur! The Hole Shop! :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought a hole once… :Whistling:

I wonder what wud happen if i stuck it on me? :stuck_out_tongue:

I could say sooo many things to that! :hehe:

Then shhh and stay quiet :stuck_out_tongue:

LUSTY! He’s doing it again!

Go on, get out, or I’ll get Mrs. Rake from the BCR to shoo you outta my thread you horny buttmuncher!

HA HA HA HA HA Alex u got told :stuck_out_tongue: