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Tyrrres 😩

Haven’t seen one for a while so thought I’d be that guy… Looking specifically for supermoto tyres that I can commute and fast road ride on, possibly even track day. The husky has been in hibernation for two years but thanks to a new job with underground parking I’m thinking of commuting on it to get her back in my life. It’s got the continental SM tyres on it that are mega in the dry but crap in the wet so would like to change them. The last decent do it all tyres I rode were Bridgestone S21s but that was on my Daytona which is about 45kg heavier.

Any SM riders got a recommendation? Cheers

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I have michelin pilot power the SM. they seem good.
@nivag was raving about the power pures

ps i hated bridgestones on the CB - I had no feel - went straight back to michelins

this might help

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I went off Michelins a way back. Good tyres etc but prefer the feel of brigestones and metzelers. That said I do like the look of the power cup evo but not sure if commuting will just kill them (probably)

Yeah had been reading that but became none the wiser :joy:

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On second reading looks like it’s between the bridgestones, metzelers and the contis. Not much has changed in a couple of years! Will see what the £££ are. Cheers

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its funny isnt it. Tyres are such a personal/bike/riding style thing

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I’ve just put a set of heidenau k73 supermoto tyres on my drz for similar reasons, not ridden on them much yet, but soon far things feel good.

Best Supermoto Tires - YouTube is a review of a couple from fortnine

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Michelin Power Pilots on my 690 SMCR as well, iirc. Love them.


Got some new hoops fitted today :yum: Went for the updated versions of the ContiAttack SM as I rated the originals. The Evos are even better. Super sticky and didn’t budge a mm when I was scrubbing them in. Would massively recommend.

Would also recommend the guy that fitted them Top fella and does a good tidy job. He even got the pressures right for the Husky :blush:


They look handy to know and based in SE London too :+1:t2:

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what pressures are those then? :upside_down_face:

lol. the reason I say that is some tyre fitters go with 36/42 universally. I remember having the pressures set to that on my old 610 by some reputable tyre fitting garages :wink:

Pressures is one thing but I’ve had my chain on SM and adventure way overtightened, more than once when having tyres changed. Most tend to tighten like as if it was a road bike

Another good reason to remove wheels and take them into the tyre fitters.

A bit difficult when you don’t own a car or van.

or you just can’t be arsed to get your hands dirty :joy:


Or you know that doing that is likely going to lead to you messing something up

My local tyre shop fits tyres! It’s what they do, they fit tyres whether that be on cars, vans, lorries, buses, tractors or motorcycles they fit tyres.

If your getting your hands dirty you’re doing it wrong :wink:

I’d rather be spending me pension on go go juice than some spanner monkey whose work has to be checked.

Just when you thought a post about tyres couldn’t get competitive :rofl: