Tyres For Sale for 1000 CC bikes!

190 rears 120 front!

Came off my 1000 cc fireblade so will fit other 1000’s.

Dunlop GP racer inter compound - very sticky tyres, only done 2 track days as they where tearing up under my suspension and i was worried they where going to leave a dip spot which is not a chance you can take if you are pushing them to there maximum of crip in the first place. As they tore up i was not taking any risks and once the tearing got to a certain point i replaced them.

The tearing is about 1 inch in from the side wall of the tyre which is the area under pressure as you stand the bike up exiting a corner. I currently have a set on my road fireblade and after 20 - 40 miles they totally cleaned off!

There is LOTS of tread left with over 5mm in the middle on the tyre still left.

I have 2 rears and 1 front £150.00 CASH ono. Can deliver or you can come collect.

I also have a set of metzeler K2’s - again great summer tyres, these have harldy no tear mark just usual track day wear, again plenty of life left in these also. 1 Front 1 rear. £80.00 ONO

Normally i keep them as they go onto the road but as im moving away i wont use them up!








Still got the race tecs?
Pm me if u have…