Tyre pressure

So guys,following your advice I emailed Bridgstone helpline, and after 2.5h (!) received an email with exact suggested pressure for front and rear. It says 36 psi front and 42 rear. And my front was 21 and rear 33!

That’s why I was so rubbish in the corners!

Thanks for the advice ChrisDee!

I’ll check out the difference on wednesday then…

That must have handled like poo with only 21 in the front

My SMC is running 29f 31r but motards run lower pressures than sportsbikes.

I remember when I didn’t check my blade for months and when i did I had 16 in the rear when I put them back up to 42 it was like riding a diff bike. Tyre pressures have a hugh effect on handling.

I check mine every couple of weeks.

Must admit I have been slacking recently. Finally checked them for the first time since coming back from germany, 31 in the back and 26 in the front. Whooops. Bike had started to feel a little bit skitty in corners. Well back to good old 36 and 42 today and wow, back to being mental on bends.

God ! Chuffster where you want to go with those pressure? It most be handling terrible with those numbers???

I checked my tyers after a couple of weeks of having the bike, front was 28 rear was 36 put them up to proper presure and kasam a proper handling bike, so i check every week now.

I notice pressure differences on the Blade much more than I did on the Bandit. When I first started asking around, everyone told me to use a different pressure. I settled for 36 front, 36 rear as one of my fave biking gurus said that should do the trick (and it is easy to remember!). However, he also said that the air systems at petrol stations can be out by as much as 10psi! I have been told to buy my own pressure gage, but have yet to do so. Any suggestions?

Westy and I were running at 15psi all day yesterday, but then again, we were on dirt-bikes

Cool mate, glad you got it sorted, bet it feels almost like a new bike!!?

I check mine a lot as I’ve found that even a few psi will make the steering heavy.

You gonna hit those green lane corners next weekend?

Halfruads do a digital pressure guage.


Now you’ve just got to sort out the colours eh??

Pardon?my cool pinkish?

Chrisdee, my mum is coming this weekend for the first time to visit me so I’m only up to sightseeing all the weekend

BTW, I haven’t checked the cornering yet, but I see a huuuuuge difference…in parking my bike It’s much easier to manouvre with front tyre full of air!

the Bikeit valve caps are great for this - you buy the right pressure for you weight/bike/tyre - cap stays green until you lose psi then the tops go yellow then red depending on how much you lost - takes a second to check 'em as you get on/off (also give you a bit of a chance if you get a puncture as by the time you come back to your bike, the rims can be on the floor- found that out the hard way)

i’m running 34 front 36 rear - going past the 40 mark did make my r6 turn faster but the lack of give meant that given the crappy central road surfaces, its more liable to step out (which it did). went back to 36, didn’t notice much diff in handling particularly (i’m no racer tho) but felt more confident on grip (compromise between wet commute and being a nob in the dry). when i had the two punctures, the handlebars were fighting me at every turn, literally…

apparently the best way is to find a nice twisty route, and repeat it at the diff psi. does assume your suspension is set up nicely tho (buggered if i know how mines set other than i’m practically doing a handstand on the duc…)


I did consider them on my last bikes as I had 6 slow punctures in 2 and a bit years, but now with tubes when they go, they go in seconds, usually with a bang

I normally check mine every week for a few weeks after I have fitted a new tube and then check 'em once a month once I have gauged the amount they are losing over time.