Tyre pressure indicators

just wondered if anyone has or used them before?


No, but I do check the tyre pressures on a regular basis for both the car and the bike when I’m using them.

Also with the very cold temperatures we have had recently I bet few people checked the pressure.

To be honest you’d be better of with a good pressure gauge and your forgot them on a tyre change and have to buy another. Plus you have to buy them for a set pressure, and with a lot of bike and cars have different pressure settings for the load and therefore would be of little real use in my opinion.

Plus if you change your bike you’d probably have to change them as well.

true, i got a tyre pump but i dont think it works properly, one pump and suddenly you jump from 30psi to 40!! probably should just buy a new one

I used those indicators years ago and found they tended to make the valve leak air - which kind of proved they worked I suppose!

yeah - i bought some, used them, took them off, binned them… Ddnt seem to ever change - yet i knew the pressure was down when i checked them… hmmmm

had some off these on a busa.There quite heavy so if u go into hight three figures they tend to rip the valve out off the wheel as i found out one day on the shefford bypass,i did however live to tell the tale.:w00t: