tyre manufacturers

Hey guys,

My rear tyre needs changing for my CBR 125.

He has offered me continental for £68


Pirelli for £88

Which ones should I go for, are the Pirelli better for an extra £20

I live near the Ace.


What do you have on the bike at the moment ?

Ask them which will be the best for kneedown in the wet :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d go for the cheap ones, Continental are a decent make anyway.

Eagle Grip

It is best to have the same brand front and back?

The difference in grip between a new tyre and an old tyre is probably greater than the difference in grip between two diferent tyres. So as long as you are buying a quality tyre I wouldn’t worry.

BTW - remember that any new tyre will give rubbish grip, even if it feels good, especially in the wet, for the first 70 miles or so.

Just been to Honda and they said the the grip has no effect its more to do with the compound.


they’re quite right