tyre life


off to france on the 30th of june for 5 days doing about 1300. just had my bike m.o.t and tyres passed but noticed that the rear has about 1.5 mm tread and was wondering if i should change before trip or run it. my bike is a suzuki gsxr 750 srad.


your input much appriciated!

what tyres?

What do you think?:Whistling:

1.5mm of tread :w00t:

1.6mm is the legal limit, most tyre manufacturers recommend replacement at 2mm. Should have been an advisory on the MOT if not a fail.

BTW it’s a no brainer, change

hang on are you saying you’ve got about 1.5mm left measuring from the tread wear indicator? ie legal tread + 1.5mm?

Cos if all you’ve got left there is 1.5 around the tyre then do as Art says get em changed

Ehm legal limit on a motorbike is 1mm according to the Highway Code

From http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/TravelAndTransport/Highwaycode/DG_069871

That 0.5mm of tread’s definitely not going to get him 1300 miles though!

Fit new tyres
the roads in France will destroy them. :smiley:

I agree - but I was not commenting on whether or not it would… :stuck_out_tongue:

Time to get down to Essential Rubber and ask for your LB discount :smiley:

Well spotted …

I’d still be inclined to replace tyres at 2mm, if you’re out in all weathers it’s sound advice

interesting because I just picked up my owner’s manual today and it says replace under 1.6mm but the law seems to say different things… could be manufacturers just covering their derrieres…

No-one has mentioned the fact of ‘Squared off’ tyres.

You’ll have more fun if you don’t have to fight the corners. :slight_smile:

+1 why risk it, also tryes are more expensive in France.