Tyre life ?

I got about 6k or 7k from my last Michelin 2CT Road but the Power 2CT that’s on the rear now has only done 1500 miles and is getting low on tread already, I guess another 500-700 miles and it’ll be borderline legal.

Is that what everybody else gets ? It’s only a 600 so hardly a torquey bike to rip the tyre up.

getting a bit suspect at only 3k think I will go for harder ones next time :slight_smile:

…must be the way you ride it Steve :wink:

i’m lucky if i get 3500 miles out of my rear Battlax. (double that on the front)

and doing 100 miles a day that means a £150 rear tyre more or less every 6 weeks


i got 12k out my last set of 2ct roads on a 6’er :w00t:

Was that in the winter ? :slight_smile:

I get about 6k from my bt021’s on my Fazer 6, my TL chews up Avon Storm STs for breakfast. I got about 1000 miles from the set that were on it when I got it and I expect 4k from the new ones. Asked at FWR about expected mileage, Bob said 6-8k, then paused and said “the way you ride Dunk about 4-5K”.

Maybe I should learn to be more sympathetic toward my tyres…:wink:

made the last rear go for 5k as was waiting for a 190/55 to come back into stock - that took it right to the markers tho. did about 3 trackdays on it

I wonder if my wheel is misaligned then ? I can’t see it lasting that long, maybe 2500-3000 at most.

+1, all seasons.


lol yeah 6 months of it was. to be fair the huge majority of the miles they saw were heavy traffic commuting. and we did have a wet end to the summer didn’t we :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

something seems up thats for sure. would expect 'em to clear 4k without much trouble.

020’s last me 12-13K a set

Mmmm, the trike goes in for MoT on Wednesday, I think the front tyre is getting a bit borderline - still works ok, Bridgestone Exedra 110/90V18 that’s probably the original '99 vintage with 9200 miles on it. I don’t know what to replace it with at the moment, like for like or summat else? Wear pattern is obviously different (but surprisingly broad since I’ve been hooning around the last few weeks), and I might be better getting an H instead of a V since 130+ is pretty unlikely now.

What’s the favourite road front for feel and braking at the moment?

I thought you bought a super-duper hi-tech laser alignment thingy cos my bit of string was too technical for ya?;):smiley:

I didn’t fit the rear tyre nor fix the puncture, am due to check the chain this weekend so will have a look but I think it’s straight as the handlig is the same on left and right corners. The lazer thing makes it very easy :slight_smile: The string can still give misalignment if the front wheel isn’t 100% straight and what place does string have in this day and age ;):stuck_out_tongue: Do you use hairy string or smooth nylon string ? :slight_smile:

Para Cord actually:P:DYou have a much higher probability of a back wheel being out of alignment than a front if you are certain it’s not been down the road;)