Tyre fitting on a Sunday or Early Mon?

Hello all,
Does anyone have any ideas where I might purchase a tyre & get it fitted today?

Found a metallic thing in the rear tyre and when I tried to remove it I heard a sound like air escaping!

Figure I need a puncture repair or new tyre :frowning: (140/70-17)

Hi, ChasBikes is open till 4pm tosay, might be best to call first
113 Kennington Rd, Prince’s, London SE11 6SF
020 7582 7878

Otherwise tomorrow 8.30am, FWR is just down the road
F.W.R. Ltd
330 Kennington Rd, Oval, London SE11 4LD
020 7820 7818

Thanks Nivag,
I called Chasbikes, very expensive - £125 for Pilot Street but they were fully booked anyway (was quoted £75-ish for the same tyre from another place on Fri- I should’ve gone when I had the time). Will call FWR tomorrow.

Just went for a test ride and doesn’t seem to be losing a lot of air so I might get a puncture repair in the meantime.