Tyre fitter

Looking for a trust worthy/competent tyre fitter thats not going to make a mess of my new bike. Planning on getting michelin 2ct’s and looking to get them fitted in North London/Herts area. Can anyone help? Cheers, Dan.

Essential Rubber would be your best bet, just off the A10, 27 Downham Road, London, N1

Good Prices, Good Workmanship, and if you catch one or two of the guys that work there the pleasure will be all yours even when you come to settle the bill…

Highly Recommended

Yep, I concur … they are all bikers and they do a great job! :wink:

/\ what they said - great place !

My bro (Beemerman) and I use ProTyre on the A10 at Enfield. Good service and prices, also recommended.http://www.protyre.co.uk/enfield.html

Or Southern Cross in Kilburn. :slight_smile:

I’ve always heard that FWR in Kennington are good. They’ve done a few puncture repairs for me and have been excellent.