Tyre Choice

Why buy a sports bike of your going to do that to it?

Anyway back to the original point. I love my PR3’s but I am keen to see how the new Bridgestone Battlaxes perform. They seem to be getting very popular.

I use PR3 but want a change so am going to try Metzler M7RR next

if I don’t like them I can try something else they only last me 3-4months anyway

Personally i love anal sex, but that wasn’t the question. Pirelli angel GTs are so far amazing for me on a bandit 1200

I have replaced Bridgestone BT023 for Metzeler M7RR about two months ago. There are great, much better in wet then Bridgestone. Used them on two track days too. Love them!

See it has to be asked giving or receiving ?
Not that there is any issue with preference but am sure the wider audience are now asking and wondering

A gentleman never tells…