Tyre advice - repair or replace?

Hi all

Got my first puncture. Brutal! Should I repair or get a new tyre? If I get a new tyre I figured I should buy a good one, any recommendations?

You’ve got tread left so I’d repair it.

That is fine for repair, provided it is done properly with an internal vulacanised mushroom.

Funny coincidence, I also got a screw in my tyre yesterday. I usually stay out of the dirty stuff so was moderately surprised but I do get a couple a year so I guess I was due one. I found out when in Willesden at 10pm last night and I live in Chatham, Kent. Over two hours later bunny hopping between petrol station air pumps while navigating divertions on closed A2 for roadworks I have to admit I was struggling to see the funny side!

I would absolutely get that repaired. You’ve got lots of tread left as others have mentioned but also the puncture is clean and in the centre of the tyre. The general rule is, you can have a tyre repaired twice before most reputable places would question the safety of a third repair (punctures will weaken the structural integrity of a tyre). But the puncture must occur in the centre of the tyre (most likely anyway). If it’s closer to the tyre wall it shouldn’t be repaired.

£30 would be about the right amount to pay for that repair imho - which compared with a new decent tyre fitted is a no brainer. I’m getting a full set put on Saturday for £300 for reference :mask:

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Yes, no problem getting that repaired. Most tyre places won’t touch a repair that they don’t think is safe, like if it’s too far off centre so they’ll give you an opinion too. It’s worth considering a roadside repair kit just to get you going before you get it fixed properly. That can get you out of a bind. Tyre foam is also handy if you are touring but just for emergencies as many tyre places won’t repair a tyre that has had foam because it’s so messy. Still it’d get you out of a bind if you are on the side of a Swiss mountain.

As above, I’d get that repaired. Plenty of good advise already offered so not point me putting in anymore.

I’m upgrading to one of these kits which is really handy.


otherwise I was using the same plugs from that kit + the spunk in a can! just an FYI in case helps anyone

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I had a pillion as well! Incredible how slippy the back end was this morning. Pretty fun :joy:

I’ve decided for my piece of mind to just bin the tyre and Get a Michelin Pilot on it

That kit looks really good value.

Any good bike shop will plug that for twenty quid or so. I can recommend F.W.R :slight_smile:

Get it repaired. I had a puncture when my tyres were almost brand new and the fix lasted for 7000 more miles. If it’s done well there won’t be any issues with the plug.

Mine was done by AA if I remember correctly but I’m sure any good mechanic will do the job just fine.