typical luck

im sure i must have walked under a ladder or smahed a mirrior lately either that or god realy dosent like me yes its my rant again.

ok i brought a new phone 4 days ago with orange and 1st i was waiting for it to become registerd 2 days went past and nothing so i called them up and they said they had lost my details (thanks for the phone call to say we need your details again) were more or less my words ad a few *'s #'s and $'s rite ok phone came online yesterday finaly also being i live in basildon its was a Tuesday meaning BIKE NIGHT!! yay went to halfords replaced my back light on my way i went

on my way to dick turpin almost there then all of a sudden heey this dosent feel right my back end is all over the road turn into the turpin almost slide off get off the bike FLAT TYER and i mean FLAT (also just for the record i have a realy crappy stand that keeps the bike vertical) because i had a flat tyer CRASH bike gose over hmm…broke my break leaver and scuff my grip.

okok not the end of the world borrow my mates scooter one of those big big scooters very quick to shoot down the petrol station to get tyer foam 1st one nope not got any 2nd one nope 3rd one nope ok back to my bike plus it felt weird i wasnt doing anything with my feet.

got back… hey wheres my bike

oh we had to lean it up against the fence it fel over again grrrr.

called up my recovery hey i broke down bla bla bla ok can we have your post code all the ******** … long pause… your not on our system WHAT!! bla bla bla we will check it tommorw we will send some one out to you now if your not on it we will have to chare you tommorow for pick up okok whatever i just wanted to get home it was getting embarising. then all these bloody stupid questions star comeing out is it manual what colour is it bla bla bla what colour is the sky what underwear do you have on… hmmm this is getting annoying.

ok there on there way (10:00) SHOULD BE 60 TO 90MINS :blink: i have work tommorow. ok better call the old doris let her not hey iv broke down some one is … phone dies eeeek. ok so better just wait now and wait

and wait

and wait

finaly turn up bike in the back OIT CAREFULL! crash bump smash. and there i go back home in a recovery van how embarising. got home old doris said to me i called up your recovery and apparently they wernt sending anyone out to you so now they are LOOOOL MCE insurance typical

so thats my story no dobut something elce will happen and you will all get another rant but if you have made it this far sorry for the essay my fingers just kept typeing lol