tying up the front brake

In order to move my quad, I had to turn the master cylinder upside down, [to fit in my car…] 24hrs later, predictably, the front brake was non existant. I cured it by tying the brake lever fully on for 24-48h - just as I had heard, the bubble floats up from the hose to the top of the MC again & all is dandy.

So…is it a good idea to leave bikes like this so that, if anything, they “self bleed” - I hadnt used my gsxr for 2 weeks [busy quadding] and the lever didnt feel 100% ??

Before any smart a$$es ask the question, no I havent turned the bike or its MC upside down…

Shouldnt be a problem Kao5, ive always done this in the past, in fact i have to when i`m carrying my bike in the van. It does help expell any air out of the system.
Not heard of it causing a problem. I personally prefer not to tie up the brake too tighty as the results are the same
and the system is not unnecessarily overloaded.

Im still trying to picture your quad upside down in the car<img src='https://londonbikersarchive.blob.core.windows.net/forums/skins/classic/images/emoticons/smile.gif' height='20' width='20' border='0' title='Smile' align='absmiddle'> Didnt the fuel leak?

Hi B,

Thanks for the advice, hope you enjoyed the thought of the upside down quad, sorry to dash those thoughts, but I had to turn the bars 180 [and let down the tyres] to get it in my car and over to the Alps. Was worth it though, will post some piccies up whenever I get a moment off from all this high living and constant fornication

What is the most effective method if doing this? cause I tried it and it made no difference.

However I took the cap off pull the lever in tied it up and left it? Are you supposed to pump the lever a bit, and cover the revsovoir with a plastic bag or something?

I knew that was a crazy thought, doh! Look forward to the pics mate!

Normally just a case of a bungee strap around the bar and lever and leave overnight to get rid of any trapped air in the system. Taking the cap off will let air escape more easily and pumping the lever a few times before you tie it is worthwhile.

It may not have worked in your case as there was no air in the system to bleed out. There may well be another problem like old fluid, glazed or worn pads