Two wrongs make

a funny clip… :smiley:

fair play

hahaha :hehe: fair play game on

ummmm…the guy crossing the road shouldn’t have to check left if all traffic is supposed to be coming from the right.

Personally I would have knocked the cycling **** out. Pr1ck

+1, though having said that at least he admitted he was in the wrong

Same here, that WASN’T 2 wrongs, that was a CAN’T on a bicycle being properly out of order who would have utterly deserved the kicking he would have got from me too…

lol nice

What a d*ck on the bike!

Not only was he going the wrong way but it appears he was reading something at the same time.

Biker was lucy to get away with that.

The guy knocked over I thought took it very well.
Why on earth would you ride a bicycle straight at oncoming traffic?

the twott on the bicycle would be choking on his own bike if he hit me in circumstances like that. Fuggin twott, the trouble with these ar$oles is that they make a decision that its ok for them to do something like ride the wrong way along a street and dont consider that their actions may cause someone to swerve to avoid them and hit someone else! And we all know they’d put their hand up and accept full responsibility!:Whistling:

Actually there is only one wrong here - the cyclist riding the wrong way.

New York Penal Law (New York Vehicle & Traffic Law) Section 1152 (crossing at other than crosswalks) states that “every pedestrian crossing a roadway at any point other than within a marked crosswalk or within an unmarked crosswalk at an intersection shall yield the right of way to all vehicles upon the roadway.”

So the pedestrian was perfectly entitled to cross the road at that point, as he did indeed yield to traffic that was travelling the correct direction.

It’s a pity the pedestrian didn’t seem to be aware of that, he could have sued the cyclist for a nice sum.


haha, if only all RTCs were that easy to dismiss!

Have a day off eezy haha:P