Two videos - good luck versus bad luck???

The first video shows a biker having a brain fart at high speed and getting very lucky

The second video shows someone being less reckless but being very unlucky. Warning - this one is not gory, but not a good outcome.

wow thats all i can say

**** me at the second one… Dying for what at first looked like such a silly accident…:crazy::blink:

Yep - that is exactly why I wanted to post that one. Countless times I have treated large lorries just like any other vehicle - but it is just too easy to slip beneath the wheels of a truck and then game over, so they deserve a bit more space…

No safety bars between the axles on that truck . Compulsory in the UK so here he may well have survived .

I wouldn’t call bouncing off a car at 10mph bad luck, although what happened next was!

Are we sure guy 1 had ‘no way to stop’? I’m sure I’ve stopped from faster before.

Ad.1. In normal country, as a biker, I would stand up, took out my Glock and shoot both lory drivers, to make an example to others. Is not about that poor wavy biker, is about the general principal of twat like that who want to save 0.50p on petrol and going to overtake other genius with 0.2mph speed difference.
Ad.2. haven’t seen it, I have late breakfast don’t want to do it now.


sorry blade gotta disagree with you he was clearly going way too fast and riding too eracticly to have enough time or distance to stop when he saw the obstruction if he was goign slowly and not going in and out of traffic he wouldnt have ended up on his ass like he did. keep your speed down and ride sensibly simples.

If he wasn’t going in and out of traffic, he might as well have been driving a car.

Admittedly, his forward vision was a bit rubbish, two trucks filling the entire horizon, he should have seen that much earlier and began slowing much earlier.

However, I agree with Alex, I am sure that I have done an emergency stop in a shorter distance than that. I think that is more about fear of losing the front end and just simply not braking hard enough.

Besides he had LOOOOTS of room.

If not between them, around them. A127 have nice hard shoulders.


ps. Kish, I was just pointing out the general approach to the driving a truck - I’m big, I can do what I want.

Blade - you are no longer evil?!

Simon - have corrected the typo in the title.

Yea… home sick depression, don’t worry it was pointed out already people like it more as I was before :stuck_out_tongue:


Watched the first vid on another site and it says something about his brakes locking up ???
Thing is he was riding a bit like a [email protected]

Second vid is just sad :frowning:

usually yes, but thats a tipper truck & they are exempt from the sideguard regulation…

Finally felt brave enough to watch the 2nd vid. Conclusion - can’t imagine scenario one happening to me, only have bikes with abs, so can brake hard with no fear of the wheels locking, also I am much more risk averse than this guy seems to be. Sadly I could imagine scenario two happening :crying:

First one totally the riders fault & probably down to inexperience. He could have braked a lot harder, but if he’d been paying more attention he wouldn’t have needed to, the cars he filters around have seen that the traffic ahead is virtually stationary & are already braking as he passes them & the one immediately behind the trucks has also put his hazzards on.

both due to rider error, second video to teach the simpler mistakes can kill you on the bike, so take care and be sharp out there.

****, ****, **** there was no way I was going to stop look, look, look at me Mummy I’m riding way too fast :wink:

The message in both videos is filter at your own risk. Any thing over traffic speed +20% can be risky, look well ahead and be cautious of cars positioned to the right/left of centre closing down the filtering space, some drivers will position themselves as a barrier against filtering motorcycles. Also be aware of less experienced drivers who when they turn their heads to look in their door mirrors they also turn the steering wheel.


I’ve been cut up so many times while filtering lately it’s unreal - always within the speed limit so it’s not like I was screaming through the traffic or anything.

I usually end up gesticulating at them and tapping my mirrors to make the obvious point - ‘look in your f*cking mirrors’ - hopefully they might absorb something and not do it next time and have someone off.

The lorry incident shows just how easy it is to die in a totally stupid and unexpected way at a very low speed.

I think the first guy was inexperienced - no anticipation or forward planning and did not use his brakes hard enough.