Two Spare Tickets

Due to Bullsheeters on E-Bay !!

England V Italy Under 21,s Saturday 24th March

Adjoining seats in the Upper Tiers with fantastic views. (Parking at Wembley Park Station)

First to Email me gets them !!

give em here you C*NT

No hard feelings mate?.. i know i beat you at poker a couple of times, but there’s no need to with-hold these nice little tickets from me eh?..

What sort of price are they? Haven’t these been going for hundreds on eBay?

SHUSH!!!.. andy!!!.. im tryin to get em for free, and you aint helpin me mate!.

Now Gone !!

As for you Ackmed…

I got tickets for the “Camel Polo” just up the road so get ya “Muhooktah United” Shirt on ready !!

what do you mean now gone?.. i wanted them!.. Verpissdich Arschloch!.. Ich Glaube Du Liebst Meine Penner, du vixen!..

Your German is coming along well mate

lol… yeah but perhaps not appropriately used.

Sounds like fun… Wouldnt know wich side to sit CAPITO