Two seater busa!

wtf!? :blink:



Errr, for lardies I guess? Why not just double the shocks?

Looks Fugly.

It helps that it comes with airbags

That is a truly hideous machine. :sick:

Please lord let this be a photoshop.

wow comes with two tanks aswell :smiley:

Like to see it go round cadwell…

I know this is about the fugly bike, but wtf is it with some women that go pillion… they dress in a way which they think makes em look like a porn star…errrmm NO!!!

Why did you notice that and no one else hasn’t? :D:w00t:

i did notice the dual airbags! :smiley:

why two sets of bars ?? very strange and ugly

Always beats me why people with decent mechanical know how and ability would put all that knowledge, skill and effort into something so misconceived and rubbish? It looks like a fairground ride for f*cks sake! It’s like that Busa with the extra wheel on the back?

What is it with Busas and pointless modifications carried out by overweight men with shaved heads and girlfriends that look like pitbulls wearing wigs? :ermm:

I laughed so hard at that i think i wet myself !!!:w00t::smiley: