Two bikes crocked..

Well isn’t that just great

Picked up my R6 on saturday - it was in the garage being fixed for a problem it had in that it would keep cutting out/stalling on me once it got hot. the mechanic said at first he could replicate the problem and thought it was a switch. He started to take things apart and test each switch but couldn’t find anything wrong with any of them. Once it was all back together he couldn’t replicate the problem so we hoped it was a loose connection or something so I picked it up, took it for a quick spin, got it nice and hot (fan cutting in) and no problems, hurrah

On sunday i took the VFR out for a ride, to Colchester zoo, took the VFR as two up (and keeping up with an '06 GSXR1000 two up on a VFR is fun i can tell you). Hadn’t been more than 5 miles when the speedo went haywire, all sorts of wierd numbers then 0. It just stopped working, then I noticed the odometer wasn’t working either and then the FI light lit up… great but at least the bike kept goin and seemed happy.

Luckily i was given a years warranty on the VFR (and the R6 as it happens) and I’ve only had it 10 months so quick call to dealer and it’s booked in to be sorted on thursday.

meanwhile as I’m not commuting past 20+ speed cameras on a bike with no speedo i took the R6 into work yesterday. And guess what happened? yup, on way home, half mile from work it starts cutting out again. what a joyous trip home I had. Turned into the most awful journey i can remember making, 2 emergency stops required (one was my fault mind), foot nearly run over, stallign at every set of lights or stop or reving the bike at every set of lights and sounding like a nutter, filtering slowly and getting in peoples way . Not much fun. If anyone noticed or was inconveinieced by a Silver R6 on the A13 last night I’m sorry.

Meanwhile i have no bike and I’m back on the trains.

Well fed up. And probably unlikely to be able to make wednesday to great our rescued traveler from Norway…

Ahh the wonders of that famous ‘Japanese Reliabillity’ then

Yeah, graet isn’t it…

bikes are rubbish! We should all get a bus pass