TV License

I read on this site and been really wondering if I should pay for a service which I will never use.

I do own a computer, mainly used for online gaming, work and various stuff… non that includes watching TV.
I own a TV DVD player only (no recorders) an Xbox360, PS3, PS2 and a Wii… none used for TV viewing. I also have probably over 100 DVD’s, 100’s of games for pc and consoles. So far I don’t use any of them for TV broadcasting and never will.

I have a TV aerial on my house which has been disconnected from all rooms, I cut all the wires and this can be checked.

This is where the main question is:
I got Virgin net, they gave me free cable tv box… and my missus enjoys Romanian TV as she is Romanian. So… I pay Virgin for their cable and get free TV but I hardly have that on as there is nothing to watch on teh free channels, only watched ITV for the X-Factor and that is it, I pay the Romanian company in Romania for their channels, I have a Romanian satellite receiver which doesn’t get any English or Europeans TV except the Romanian ones, it cannot receive UK channels as it is not made to do that, this can be checked.

So what are my grounds, I am more worried about the Virgin box since it can received TV channels and I can also access the interactive section and view stuff that was recorded by them, should I simply disconnect it and not use it at all? What about the other devices?

I would like them to prove that I do watch TV, if they see the TV through the window what happens? What if they hear a TV? wouldn’t they have to prove what channel I was watching? Since I have such a vast DVD/BD and Games collection I could be playing any of them. To get any TV on my PC or consoles wouldn’t they be able to trace the signal? IP checking etc should be **** easy… hell I will gladly add all their BBC IP’s to my blocked list on my router so that they are never accessible to anyone.

Just wondering as I would rather use the money for the “license” to pay for my motorbike insurance which I need as I use it. I find this stupid, if I pay a tax at least I want to fell that I pay because there is some kind of a benefit, they might as well start charging taxes for air or taking farts or smoking.

Get a license, before you get a fine…
If you have a TV and its recieving a signal, you need a licence, even if you only have a radio you need a licence.
The TV Dectector vans can tell you have a TV active, what channel its tuned to, and even what you are watching !!!

There is no getting away from these buggers, they will get you in the end. :frowning:


You have the TV in the house and it can receive UK channels…whether you use them or not makes no odds to the TV Licence people and they’ll be happy to slap a fine on ya.

At present you don’t need a licence if you watch pre-recorded programs on the internet so if you can live with that then get rid of the Virgin box and TV.

wait until you get the warning before paying for it though

Hmm what about DVDs and Games? If they can home in and see what I watch, can they see I watch DVDs and play Games? If it is not tuned and it is static on all channels?

OH and I don’t have a radio:) in the house as such… I do on my phone and in my car.

I am just finding this stupid, paying for something I really don’t use. It isn’t even about trying to get away with it, they can come around and check if I receive any TV signals or radio and park a van in my driveway.

Doesn’t this work on the same principle as getting done for murder because I own a kitchen knife? or saying that I have a cow in my garden because there is milk in the fridge?

“watched ITV for the X-Factor and that is it,”

So - you watched it.

This really infuriates me, I have no TV and never ever watch anything but they treat me as they do you, and hassle me continually with visits and letters. Luckily so far they have only visited when I was not in.

You watched it - you pay it.

There a a few sites about the harassment you get when trying to claim you do not need a license -e.g. It also exposes some of the myths surrounding detector vans etc.

Does someone need a TV Licence if they own a TV or other device capable of receiving a TV signal - either via a TV tuner or via live broadband stream - if they can prove they never actually use it to receive a TV signal?
For example - if I have a TV and video recorder and only ever use it to watch videos - and can prove that, if asked - do I need a licence?

A TV Licensing spokesperson said:
“The licensing requirement is not for ownership of a device, but for the installation and use of the TV receiving equipment.
“If you only ever use television receiving equipment to watch pre-recorded DVDs or videos, or your TV receiving equipment cannot receive programmes as they are being broadcast in the UK, then you do not need a licence.
“Those who wish to make it clear that they do not need a licence can take the following actions to detune their television set, but this is not compulsory:-
• remove the television from the aerial;
• cover the aerial socket so that it can’t be used;
• ensure that when channels on the television are selected no television signal is received.”


Well ITV is not part of the BBC… and paying over £100 for 53 hours of use… if the X-Factor is running for 53 weeks which it doesn’t so… it is around 4 months so this would mean I am paying £6.25 for each viewing. Feck me that’s expensive.

Right, since I posted this I called my missus and asked her if she really wanted to pay £140 for the UK channels. She said she rather pay that extra money on the heating bill. So I will contact Virgin media and ask them to stop all TV signal and remove their virgin box… or I will box it and stick it in the loft.

I will gladly NOT watch any UK broadcasting TV, I will even go to the extend of damaging the aerial socket on my TV and throwing away the Virgin box, nots ure that it will bee needed damaging my TV as long as it is detuned, maybe stick some silicone bath sealent in the socket:)

[citation needed]

From what I understand, there is no way to tell what channel a non-CRT TV is tuned to from outside the premises, and there is absolutely 100% guaranteed no way to tell if someone is watching the TV.

Makes no difference where the signal originates from or even if you’re paying Romanian TV already for the signal, if your missus is watching Romanian satellite TV in the UK you still have to have a UK TV licence even if you’re not watching any UK broadcasting.

I know it’s sh*t to have to pay for something you will not use. I wondered about watching BBC channels on a computer through the iplayer thing - is a license still required even if you don’t have a tv? I got stung once and went to court and had to pay something like £50 for not having a license so have had one ever since. But more worryingly, have you heard about the broadband tax thing? Now there’s another example of having to pay for something you may never use.

You wanna get out more son :w00t:

The broadband is just the government scrabbling for more money to try and plug the gap in public finances.

As for the TV license, pay for it. Otherwise it is upto a £1000 fine.

I thought the radio license part was a myth?

Personally, if it was only me in the house then I wouldn’t pay. Not a chance in hell. It is a complete farce. I personally love the fact that if you choose to pay by direct debit, you HAVE to pay 6 months in advance.

I would stop paying and let them try and pursue all they want. They really are quite a nasty bunch of people that send ever increasingly threatening letters to people, even if you have already told them you don’t have a television. They will continue to pursue and harass. Treat them like the scum that they are and don’t utter one word to them. Ignore all letters and never let anyone in. Job done. I can’t do this myself as I rent with others and couldn’t trust them to not open the door to the scum.

I don’t believe the detector vans actually exist. In a Freedom of Inormation request to the beeb asking how many vans they had they declined to answer, and a statement along the lines of ‘detectors vans work because the public believe they work’ was made.

They don’t really need them anyway. Only a tiny fraction of homes will not have any form of TV or radio.
Thats why they pester so much as they never believe people are without either a tv or readio.
All new TV purchases are required to get your address.
Then they cross reference. If you pay in cash and give false address its a way around it of course.

When my daughter started university she got a letter warning her that if she is in halls of residence she still needs her own licence, even if everyone else in the same block has one and she watches TV on the computer.

However when you look at the small print it says “live” TV, therefore as she only watches stuff on iplayer and CH4, ITV websites and it is not live broadcast she doesn’t need one.

I’ve also heard that a digital TV tuner in the laptop is undetectable.

Radio only licences were abolished in February 1971 (according to BBC website).

*Under U.K. law, if you have ANY device capable of receiving BBC channels you are required to have a TV licence.

That includes TVs, videos, DVD recorders, cable, satellite, PC TV cards and the 'net.*

Doesn’t this mean that if my missus’ Romanian ONLY Receiver cannot get any UK channels it should be OK?

Or it means I just got a new house and I don’t have much money left and yes £142.50 a year is just that much more than I can afford, to save money I will stay indoors watch DVD/BDs and Play games…

My tv comes through the internet and i still have to pay the licence.