Turkey spillage on a20


A lorry carrying turkey has jackknifed on the a20. It’s not live turkeys!!! It’s pre-cooked turkey that was on its way into London in preparation for Christmas. Was chatting to the driver. Anyway avoid the sidcup by-pass as it’s pretty fouled up around there


Fowled up?


Sounds like it’s prevented an outbreak of food poisoning


I’ll give that a miss. I don’t fancy playing chicken with flying poultry today.


Pecked my way through, feathered the clutch as required.


Some of these jokes are a fairly poultry attempt at humour.


I was so miffed l told them to go pluck themselves.


pre-cooked turkey set to be consumed over Christmas in beginning October? No thanks, i’ll rather have eggs


That’s very eggstravagant of you CBR


Must be cooked and frozen. But I wouldn’t risk my giblets eating one!