tunnel near brighton

i have heard of a tunnel near brighton thats supposed to be on a good road, anyone know where it is?

Could be the one on the A259 heading towards Worthing.

There’s one on the way to lewes

I know which one you mean, is it the one with a roundabout at the end?

That’ll be the Cuilfail Tunnel… about 200m from where I live. :smiley:

If you go past there there’s a nice clear sweeping road (A27) towards Seaford… or, if you go through it, there’s the A26 to Tunbridge Wells and beyond which takes you back up towards London and is quite nice. A21 is dull but there are lots of good B roads about… my local stomping ground, so to speak.

Thanks Hanna, I rode that road donkeys years ago and couldn’t remember where it was. A mate and I rode through it a dozen times just for the sound bouncing off the walls :cool: I hope this helps the OP.

thanks guys, am going for a blat over the weekend and wanna try it.:smiley:

theres a nice high speed one


on the a27

do it at night, when its clear, and just hoon it :smiley:

That’s the one Rob used to deliver to a customer not far from there it even made the trucks sound good with the turbo whistle