I found a tin of tuna by the bus stop at the Ace. I really don’t know who could own it as lots of people buy tuna including my cat. If you think its yours, please send me proof of purchase or maybe a photo of yourself with the tuna and I will arrange to get the tin back to you. :slight_smile:

My cat was mugged last night, she said the bloke took only her tuna.

She said you can keep it, said you were muttering something about pussy and never getting any so she thinks the tuna might help you attract another cat :slight_smile:

keep it mate, ur not guna get anything else, if u eat enough tuna it wont as mush of a shock when u smell jobie’s **** lol

My cat is looking a little starved today…


serves u right for talking to jobie.

Ben you must be bored coming out with that one.

ere…i can blow a TUNA on the harmonica!!!:smiley:

run smiled run:blink:


Dont keep putting yourself down Scooterboy, maybe one day :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: