Tues DAY roll call......

Well you see, I thought seeing as there is a morning roll call that never has my name in it…I would start my own daytime roll call strictly for those whose name is never mentioned, and wake up far too late for that early hoity toity coonty ballocks :smiley:

So, good day to all the waifes, bystanders and unmentionables…this one is for you…boop!

P.s : I would mention you all by name but seeing as your names have never been mentioned before I dont know what they are :smiley:

Ride safe


G’Day… Johno… :smiley:


Afternoon all :w00t:

O’rite Johno!

Oh Johnny Boy you do make me laugh :slight_smile:


Afternoon, people…

Ahhhhh , its beautiful man … roll call fraternity within the fraternity…sweet!

I hope ya’ll are having a great day :slight_smile:


Evening…just finished dinner… now I can’t get up :w00t:

mmmmmm dinner…i just had mine too…feel…kinda slee ZzzzZzzz