TT Teaser

As the 2008 Isle of Man TT fast aproaches here are a few teasers for you.

I want all the questions answered and the first person to get them all will win a prize:w00t:

(No, It’s not Grim’s old TT Tee Shirt);):smiley:

Good luck:cool:

1/ In 1957, Bob McIntyre became the first rider to lap
the Mountain Circuit an over 100mph. What make of bike was he riding?

2/ Who was the first rider to win 3 TT races in 1 week?

3/ What year was the last time the TT was used as the British Grand Prix?

4/ Who was the first Japanese rider to win a TT race?
5/ What years did Joey Dunlop win his first and last TT race?

6/ Who is this?

7/ Who is this?

8/ Who is this?

9/ Who is this?

10/ Who is this?

  1. Gilera
  2. Phillip McCallen
  3. 1976
  4. Mitsuo Itoh
  5. 1985 - 2000
  6. Phil Read
  7. Elad (pre power ranger look)
  8. Tony Rutter
  9. Jay (pre LB era)
    10.Ron Haslam

1 - Gilera

2 - 1961 - Mike Hailwood

3 - 1976

4 - Mitsuo Itoh in 1963

5 - 1977 - 2000

6 - Phil Read

7 - Philip McCallen

8 - Tony Rutter

9 - Mike Hailwood

10 - Bit tricky this one… I had a thought about it being Ron Haslam…My Dad think’s it’s Joey Dunlop in his very early years…I think i’m going with Rocket Ron



You will kick yourself on the last one;)

It’s not Joey is it?


I’m a fool…it’s Mick Grant isn’t it?

Indeed it is, normally associated with snot coloured bikes;):smiley:

Thank god…did I get all the others right?

Indeed you did:cool:

PM me your address and I will sort your prize out when I return from my hols:cool: