TT race Vid

This was posted on my local Bike forum by a fellow biker, thought i’d share it. Love that hill where they catch some big-time air…be kinda funny to hear what’s being said under the helmet of the blue-colored bike when he almost made like a Scud at 180 klicks Nice song, compliments the race

Thats a really good vid clip, some good racing going on, when they go over the jump!!! words to the effect of “oh sh1t” and “fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk” would prob come out of my mouth.
Nice one

Great video, Nightstalker! Nutters to race on such closed and tight roads! Muchos respecto! Wouldn’t mind giving it a go…

Nice was that the IOM TT becasue I never seen that part of the track on any other videos

Its Olivers Mount, not the TT. If memory serves me correctly its at Scarborough in Yorkshire. Would love a crack at that one.

It’s Oliver’s Mount, which I think is in Scarborough. Still nuts though, and a good vid.

bugger, beat me to it

Bit more info then - its a 2.43 mile circuit, 2 miles south of Scarborough.signposted from the A170 and A165.

Its one of the Auto66 Club circuits and I believe has seen racing since 1949.