try something different


on queensbridge rd hackney

as soon as you walk through the door you will be surprised

food good and easy on wallet

european flavour

I eaten there a few times and it’s a niceplace :slight_smile:

did you enjoy the artistry in the toilets???

yes, it took some explaining to my date as to why i took so long going to the loo :laugh:

My favourite local eaterie - going there tomorrow - introduce someone else to it’s special delights!

Wolfie, didn’t know you even knew where Dalston was, let alone risk a visit to the place - presume you didn’t use the beemer?:stuck_out_tongue:

I think i had an Audi TT last time I went there, and it was still there when I finished :w00t:


try Kennington Tandoori if you like 2 eat

nice curry.

how do you put what I wrote in the box, I tried pressingthe quote thing and submitted but its disappeared, Im such a man

it should work if you press quote in the post you want to quote :slight_smile:

I’m currently dieting so trying to eat less, lol :smiley:

im learning