Trustworthy Honda Garage

Just bought a 99 'Blade and need a cheap and trustworthy garage to do a service on it. Anyone know of any decent garages that specialise in Honda’s?

Thinking Honda dealers are going to be too expensive and not really worth splashing out on…


if you are in the West then Bill Buns in South Ealing (loads of good praise on here)

Hi there, welcome to LB!

I recommend Les Kibble from LJ Motorcycles. He’s based in Strawberry Hill which is next to Twickenham. Very fast and efficient and very reasonably priced. He used to be an official Honda mechanic for years and years and he services my bike.

APC / Swallows Motorcycles, Eastcote Lane
(another ex-honda mech. worked on my Blade and my VFR there)


I’ve just used Adam from to service my honda :slight_smile:

NOT CHISWICK HONDA! Farnborough guys seem to be great guys though!

+1 with this.
They took my brand new bike back in as there was a problem with the headlight (I bought the bike from them) and I got it back with my back tyre completely scrubbed in and an extra 15miles on the clock…

did you pay for the chicken strip removal of did they throw it in for free? :w00t:

I was waiting for that comment Pan! Cheeky fecker…


Not bad, especially when compared to:

the flat tyre makes em look fatter :stuck_out_tongue:

HAHAHAHAHAAHA!! That makes me feel better :wink: