In the final stages of planning our trip to Norway. Ferry and accomodation booked, route planned, Bergen then heading north across the arctic circle, destination Hammerfest and Nordkapp.

Weve read all the guide books, Norways Arctic Highway by John Douglas is most informative. We have planned our packing, one tank bag and one small rucksack and included tyre repair kit and other necessities. Not a lot of spare space two up on a sports bike!

We leave in just over two weeks, 4000miles in 15 days.

Our only abiding concern is the lack of information regarding confrontations with feral trolls. Would an LB sticker or two ward off unwanted attention or should we consider more extreme measures? Anyone got any relevent experience?

just flip yr lid up, that’ll scare them off :stuck_out_tongue:

Beware of bridges and you can always say your brother is bigger and tastier. Either that or you need a can of InstaBillyGoatGruff:D:D:D

Thanks for the advice, we could just say Chunks is due on the next bike!:stuck_out_tongue:

There are enough of them on here!

chunks wouldn’t make it that far. definatly to many weather systems on the kind of journey.:wink:

What a hardcore place name! They should hold some sort of metal music event!