A mate of mines selling his bike, anyone intrested give him a call,

TRIZUKI 1246cc


1997 Suzuki Bandit 1200, JE 1246cc pistons, gasflowed cylinder head, 1100M cams with slotted sprockets, Dyna 2000 ignition, Factory pickup and starter covers, TES window cover, one off billet oil rail, TES billet oil gallery plates, chrome oil filter, polished covers & alternator, TES breather system, catch tank mounted to oil cooler, ZX-9R carbs, one off TES billet manifolds, Kawasaki carb rubbers, extensively modified linkage system using Kawasaki/Bandit parts (four carbs in space for three) mounted in a horizontal arc, Yoshimura downpipes, 2.5 to 3 inch collector, token baffle, billet finisher, 19 row width & half oil cooler, 10 row full width head cooler, outrigger sprocket cover, Kawasaki ZX-9R clutch slave cylinder, 5/8” offset Talon engine sprocket, stainless camcover bolts, tapered stainless fasteners, red & black anodizing, flexible cam link set up using HEL black wrapped lines, feeding through head mount system.

Triumph Daytona 955i, built-in subframe & undertray, modified to clear engine, outrigger plate mounts, relocated head mounts, polished, weighs 12kg, billet number plate mount, billet sidestand bracket matched to outrigger, sidestand made from Triumph leftovers, Triumph footrest plates with machined pockets, modified triumph brake lever, TES gear lever and footrests, linkage runs between frame & outrigger, Triumph brake master cylinder, TES billet reservoir, hydraulic brake light switch, front engine cradle locates frame to top & front of engine holding oil & head coolers, polished tapered stainless fasteners, red & black anodizing.

Front End:
Suzuki GSX-R 1000K2 front wheel, callipers& discs, titanium disc bolts, TES thug yokes, LED warning lights set into yoke below risers, Triumph steering stem and bearings, machined Triumph top nut, billet lower stem & bearings, machined Triumph top nut, billet lower stem blank, polished Hayabusa fork sliders anodised black, GSX-R 1000 internals, HEL black wrap brake & clutch lines, Renthal Fat Bars on shortened TES Fat Bar risers, Renthal firm grips, billet bar ends, billet lower plate doubles as wiring separator, SPA digital speedo mounted on billet plate forming top headlamp bracket, Dyna shift light in billet pod incorporating LED front sidelight, billet mudguard mounts, PT billet radial master cylinders wit TES billet reservoirs, hydraulic brake light switch, GSX-R 1000 headlamp on billet mounts, bottom mount incorporating LED indicators.

Rear End:
TES single-sided tubular swingarm, one piece billet hub carrier, billet front section, Daytona 955 hub assembly, 65 inch wheelbase, built in nitrous bottle mount, speedo wires and brake line run through brace, Triumph wheel, all Triumph fasteners & fittings replaced, HEL rear brake line, Renthal sprocket, Triumph shock & linkage, TES billet calliper hanger, Brembo rear calliper, tapered stainless fasteners.

Triumph Daytona tank, cut out to form skin over handmade alloy fuel cell, incorporating battery box & electrics mounting plates, Pingle fuel tap, hrnt fuel cap, GSX-R seat unit with cowl & standard seat, secondary subframe plate mounting electrics, Triumph Daytona front mudguard, modified Z1000 top fairing.

Dyna 2000 ignition, Dyna shift minder, Dyna DLRT 4 rev limiter, LED tail lights including brake lights mounted in edge of tail, Datatool alarm, Bandit switch gear, one-off loom using Bandit/Triumph parts.

Engine painted black metallic with red metallic fleck, body work & wheel inserts painted in various rage colours over black base.

This bike is a complete one off, no other bike looks or sounds like it, professionally built by TES.

The bike has not been entered into any of the shows as yet and as you can see it will win a few and you will be able to get an amount of your money back, the bike was featured in Streetfighter 152 and headed Unique of the Unique.

The bike runs well above 2000rpm, below this it is a little fluffy, ideally a one off fuel injection rail would be fabricated to fit.

Telephone me on 07738423429 if you want further details
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On behalf of T-M, here’s the bike in question… i mentioned ‘wow’ in post elsewhere… but i’ll say it again WOW!

Daaaammmmmmmnnnnnnnnn !!

Thats a nice Bike !!

Further details? You mean there’s something you’ve left out on that post?!

Stunning, stunning, stunning bike! Just the pic is enough to scare me

Serious piece of kit - must have taken ages to build and sort out!!!


Yeh it is nice ain’t it, just gutted I have’nt got the cash or the room

It looks much better in the flesh, who ever buys it, is getting a lot of bike for the money.

There’s more pic’s of the build, Clicky in me sig

How much are you getting

Fully fully agree

all i can say is WOW!!!

and a few other words…

It’s been sold, and fook off Swill

ha ha