Triumph TE-1 Electric Prototype

Interesting video as to what Triumph are trying to achieve.
20mins to get 80% capacity sounds ok for the Sunday blasters and commuters.
The future looks like a fight over charging points at various cafe stops around the country.


I like the look of that. Unfortunately I suspect in the end it will come down to £££

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I wonder if someone is working on contactless charging, like on phones.

It would be great if someone could develop a platform that many bikes could ride onto. no need to plug in you just get charged by being on that platform. Charging multiple bikes at once

I know physics may have a thing or two to say about that but hey ho one can dream.

I like the look of the bike but I am not watching a 22min video just to find out the specs :smiley:

approximately 120 miles range
130Kw motor / 177PS peak power
They didn’t mention how long to fully charge it.

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All designs/drawings look like this and then the final product looks tamer, so not holding my breath re looks

There is potential to have this in the left leave of a motorway, so you use battery to get onto the motorway, then charge as you drive.
Don’t think it would work on bikes, and the initial cost is massive. Plus car companies and road planners need to agree an a standard, and invest heavily into it.

A similar thing has been tried with overhead lines for electric lorries too

Yeah we had something similar in Athens since the 60s for what were called ‘trolley buses’. They were public transport

Ι think they all had engines to supplement power and the ones from when I was a kid were polluting as sin if didn’t rely on electrified cables. Newer ones are better I think

London used to have trolly busses too, they replaced the trams as they were more versatile.
Entirely electric afaik.

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London did away with trams in favour of the Route Master bus in 1952 and now they’re back and operating in Croydon, they’re not trams but not as we knew them Jim. I don’t remember the trams but do remember places around London where you could see the tram lines. Manor House (Blue book run No1 Manor House to Gibson Square) for instance the tram line ran across the pavement from Seven Sisters Road into a side yard and could still be seen until recently.

May I recommend this video for more info


Jay Foreman’s videos are great. They actually make my moody teenage daughter engage in history.

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Wireless charging motorway lanes has been mooted a few times:

Apparently, some trial of charging taxis near Nottingham was planned. Dunno how that panned out. Nonetheless, all very interesting and could certainly crack that big EV problem of long-distance travel without many long charging stops.

Will triumph put 3 batteries inline? KTM two in a V and Honda will have 4?


And Triumphs will leak battery acid


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