Triumph Street Triple - 2008

2008 Triumph Street Triple

3 previous owners

Less than 4000 miles on the clock (I think its actually less than 3000 currently but will check later tomorrow)

V5c in my name

HPI Clear


MOT until October 2016

2 keys.

Hugger + Seat Cowl + Small flyscreen fitted.  

Currently fitted with Givi top box rack and plate (no top box) + as well as the Givi Soft Panniers and framework in great condition.  

Superb condition. 

I purchased from a dealer in Isle of Wight 2 months ago, knowing full well I could not keep it for long - temptation is a b*tch.  Reason being is that I am moving to NL in February and would incur registration taxes for the bike if I were to take it with me - something I am not overly keen on.  My loss is your gain.  I also find it a bit too “eager” and sporty for my needs, who would have guessed that I prefer to ride my bloody Honda Deauville.  I paid £4k for it then added all of the luggage onto it so a total cost of £4.3k.

I am after a hard price of £3750, delivered with the luggage fitted.  I currently live in Belgium but will be bringing it over just after Christmas, likely first week of January.  

Here are some photos of the original advert minus the hard luggage naturally.…


3 owners and none of you hardly rode it?

Comment deleted. Sorry if my little Joke caused the thread to go off on a tangent. I truly didn’t mean it too.

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My bad - didn’t know how to properly insert.

Click here for photos

No time spent in workshop other than detailing.  But thanks for the constructive comment none the less, Marm.  :smileyfacebutreallyI’mbeingsarcastic: 

Re: 3 owners, I never keep my bikes for long (although this is taking it to the extreme, I admit that), the other 2 were based on the Isle of Wight = small island = all used bikes are low mileage.


Nah man, I get it, I just think that there is a time and a place.  More well known members here will know your sense of humour and pass it off as a joke with no negative consequence.  The lurkers however, who just come here to buy/sell/read, well they won’t and may be put off by such a “joke”.  

As I said, time and a place.  I dare say if a mod sees it, they will remove it (based on past experience).

I think this Triumph reliability issue is a myth perpetuated by a few disgruntled owners kicking around here, see what I did there :wink: I used and abused my last Triumph and it was still going strong after 40,000 miles. Albeit a little discomfort in the camshaft region, probably brought on by the watered down Castrol found in the sump at the 18,000 mile service.

Seems to me the current owner of this one is being a little economic with the truth photos :frowning:

Your triumph was the unstressed, relaxed, relatively heavy 865 twin in a naked bike. Aceman’s was the lightweight, revvy 675 triple in a sportsbike. I don’t think there’s a fair brush with which to tar all Triumphs, but the triples generally seem more problematic than the twins, and moreso than a (decent) japanese equivalent would be expected to be. But not, generally, by much.

I think much of Aceman’s problem was his relationship with the shop, too.

Nothing wrong with triumph
I had one for 14 years and the only reason I don’t have it no more is the fact I got knocked off it
And when someone mentions regs and generators
Ask a gsxr owner about that issue

@Big Red S - No, only some of my problem was with the shop, Palmers Motorcycles aka Herts Triumph, as they dealt with most things.  However, 18 seperate warranty issues in in 24 months, on a bike that was not ridden of winter periods, is appalling, so “much” of the problem was the build quality of the bike itself.  The same was true of a friend that I recommended in to them, where his 2013 Street Triple had multiple faults, indlucding loose bolts on the fork that were pointed out t the shop before purchase, that was not rectified.

Mods - please delete thread, I will naturally have to sell it elsewhere.  

Ah crap, I completely missed this being an ad and got involved in the argument. Sorry :frowning:

This is still for sale.  Currently fitted with a set of aftermarket cans which sound amazing.  

Price dropped to £3400 with the cans and givi top box rack + plate fitted.  It’s only got 5500km on it.  

If no takers, I have to take it with me to the Netherlands as I am emigrating there next Sunday.  Ho hum.   May as well offer it up despite the fact that others pretty much destroyed the thread with their anti-Triumph agenda.