Triumph Speed Triple - stolen - Forest Hill

Probably about 3:30am today on the night. Reg number: LV14 JTZ. Bike cover was stolen also. If anyone will see it, let me know please… [email protected]

hmm same time, only different day… Might be same gang

Not good :frowning:

Do a wander round of anything within walking distance where you could store a bike - my Tiger got nicked last week and I heard loads of tales of people finding their bikes that way, and then that’s how I got mine back.

Crap news!! As Big Reg says, have a look around the local estates, think where could you push it too if there was a couple of you doing it.
I’m only down in east dulwich, I’ll keep an eye for you, though depending on what part of Forest Hill I’d doubt they’d push it up hill too much.

FYI: it’s been recovered. Bit of damage to the front brake disc I believe. But good news anyway.

that was quick! Where was it found?