Triumph speed triple 1050 stolen!

Hey there guys, just thought id let you know that my mate Peter had his new Speed triple 1050 nicked from a private driveway off Ledbury road early this morning! brand new 06 plate finished in pearl white, with carbon cans and front cowl in white. he is absolutley gutted, its actually quite rare for any bike theft that i know of in this area. please keep your eyes peeled he has the initials P.J.J.R On the side of the bike and on the front cowl.

F*****ng little beggars, we have got to put an end to all this theft! im even thinking of finding a secure place on my private drive to fit a ground anchor!

Sounds like a stolen to order.

B&stards… I’d get a ground anchor if you can - especially if you haven’t got anything else to chain it to. It don’t matter if its brand new or well used cos some little scum team will find a reason to nick it.

well my bikes 8 years old but its in good nick and its my utter pride and joy. i would be flipping fuming if she was taken.

The speed triple on the other hand is now probably in bits on ebay.

sorry to hear this

there are hardly any white 1050 speed trips around so it would be fairly obvious to spot if its on the road

suspect its been nicked to order though

yeah ive only seen one other and that was at the cubana the other nite, one went past.

Sorry to hear about the bike fella…

My bike is 10 years old… worse for wear and they still tried to nick it… I didn’t think that they would go for mine but they did… These days, non of us can be too carefull!!!

Not another one, its getting to be an epidemic, Sorry to hear of your mates loss. Hope the insurence pays up quickly. When mine went took about 9 weeks.


Give me the postal address and I,ll make a few calls later this afternoon and post again tonight !!

I think this bike was a stolen to order but a bit on the large side for the turds I found out about but I,ll do what I can.