Triumph rider heckles gay Bishop

It’s always the case that the non-religious, non-believers claim to know the Bible better than the believers :Whistling: Every time things like this come up there’s a rush of people, none of whom usually even believe even the very basics which are supported by non-religious historical fact, and claim that they’re all “nutters” and it’ all a load of fairytales.If you want to pass comment on a religion, any religion, then at least have the common sense to do a bit of research so you don’t look quite such a pair of plonkers :w00t::smiley:

OH dear - I feel the old addage about religion starting all wars is starting to hold water again…

Now both of you calm down or you’ll be sent to bed without you tea! :wink:

This to me is actually a bike related conflict:)
Most people who love their different bikes/biking sub-cultures seem to me acting on their belief. There is no way of measuring the amount of pleasure/fullfillment/satisfaction a person can get from something as everybody is different. So the arguments between american cruiser and japanese sportsbike and italian exotica and etc enthusiasts are not that dissimilar to the misunderstanding between atheists/christians/muslims/etc.

but what do i know about religion and bikes- being an atheist and riding on L-plates:)

Is there anything I’ve said that suggests I haven’t got a god knowledge of religion? Or are you assuming that if someone truly knows about whatever that religion is then they’d be a believer?

What I’m basing my statements on (rather than you just saying someone’s an idiot for stating fact) is stuff like: this and this or more people can name the ingredients of a big mac than the ten commandments. Now while these are US statistics, given the US is the most religious of the developed “western nations” I’d have to think the rates would be worse here, in Oz, NZ etc…

So enlighten me: got anything that suggests Christians are really aware of the contents of the bible on average? I’d settle for something that says the majority pray or go to church regularly…

the heckler actually lives in my cul-de-sac.

he is obviously a traditionalist in relation to his beliefs.

He is a photographer but only takes pictures that dont contravene his Christian beliefs. He doesn’t believe in contraception (he has 3 toddlers and his wife is pregnant again) his wife can’t wear make up.

We’ve been out on our bikes togethet many a time. He loves to ride but with his young family, busy job and love of gardening he does less and less of that.

Although i had no idea he planned to heckle the Bishop i sure was not surprised to see his face on the 10 o’clock news.

I can see that. Imagine his digust at being in the same room as a Harley owner, I would be mortified:hehe:

Oh, that was about religion ?- I thought someone had called all Trumpet riders gay.

Fair point, and a point well made Steve :wink: - but I’m not an ignorant plonker - I’ve just got a sense of humour!:slight_smile:

I didn’t say ignorant ;):stuck_out_tongue:

The bit they didn`t show was that the vicars who escorted him out beat the carp out of him in the vicarage,:smiley:

…well i’m sure they did SOMETHING to him in the vicarage


Looks to me like the guy just won his bet… and his 1.5 minutes of fame with it…
Funny though

Beat him so badly fish came out of him, that is severe :D:P

How very dare they… well as a previous triumph owner and gay i never felt bashed in anyway, bishop or otherwise…:D:w00t: